John Turner and Marcus Still founded 'How Do You Do Presentations' in order to improve the ability of individuals and teams to gain and to keep the attention of their listeners.

John Turner

John Turner has over twenty years’ experience as a professional actor in film, TV and theatre roles, performing live in front of well over one million people. He has also worked extensively with The Family Business Network, improving communication skills at their international conferences. He has extensive experience coaching individuals and groups in the Financial Services sector.

Marcus Still

Marcus Still has worked for over 15 years as a consultant to a major international ticketing group, delivering training world-wide, advising on and taking part in many sales pitches to prospective clients.

Juliet Leith

Juliet Leith is a television producer who has extensive experience of coaching presenters, experts and members of the public in the art of performing to camera and interview techniques. She has many years experience in front of live audiences, as an actress and as a stand-up comedian, and she is also a scriptwriter.

As a trainer, Juliet has coached many groups and individuals around the world, in various corporate fields including banking, PR and advertising.

James Hutchinson

James Hutchinson is a professional actor and communication skills coach. He has much experience as an interview coach preparing candidates for job interviews in the City, blue-chip industry, law, finance and PR.

His presentation skills coaching includes helping small businesses with their pitches and large companies communicating to hundreds of people at a time.